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Reviews, Interviews and Articles about The Einstein File:

As of November 11, 2002:

1. Reviews/articles (US):

The Denver Post, May 5, 2002: "Another Hoover Enemy: Einstein. Author reveals FBI's probes of physicist." A feature article on The Einstein File ran in The Post on May 7

The NY Times, May 7, 2002: "New Details Emerge from The Einstein Files"

Library Journal (See webesite: )

Kirkus Review (See website)

Publisher's Weekly (See website)

Associated Press (widely reprinted) (See website)

Amazon.Com (See website)

Booklist (American Library Association) (See website)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer /front-page story, May 7, 2002

Financial Times/Review, May 8, 2002

Suburban Chicago News/Review, May 9, 2002

The Capital Times (Madison, WI), May 10: ("Hoover targets provide lessons for today")

Princeton Packet, May 10, 2002

Philadelphia Inquirer/Review, May 17, 2002.

"What's New?" American Physical Society Newsletter (Robert Park), May 24, 2002

The Independent Weekly (N.C.), "A Political Scientist," by Jon Elliston, July 3-9, 2002

Harper's, August 2002

Physics Today, September 2002

Las Vegas City Life: News and Culture Weekly, September 3, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle, September 15, 2002, by David Perlman

UCLA Daily Bruin, October 21, 2002, "Einstein's Secret FBI File Inspires New Book," by Edward Chiao

Z Magazine, November, 2002, review by Rich Gibson

2. Radio Interviews (US):
CKNW (Vancover & North East USA): May 9, 2002
NPR: "Science Friday" with Ira Flatow, May 10, 2002
WBAI: "Friday Talk Back" (Pacifica Radio Network), May 10, 2002 NPR: "Public Interest" with Kojo Nnamdi, Wash.DC, May 13, 2002 NPR: "Mark Steiner Show," Baltimore, May 14, 2002
XM Radio: USA Today, May 17, 2002.
NPR: "New York & Company" w/ Leonard Lopate, May 20, 2002, 12n. WHAT, Philadelphia: "In Pursuit of Truth" w/Reggie Bryant, May 22 2002
WUSB, Stony Brook, NY, 90.1 FM: 11:15 a.m.-noon, Fred Jerome interviewed by Mort McClusky, May 27, 2002
WBAI: "Expert Witness" w/Mike Levine, June 10, 2002, 5-6 p.m. (EST)
KPFK (LA), "Beneath the Surface" w/ Jonathan Weiner, June 12, 2002, 5:20-5:40 p.m.
XL Satellite Radio - WOL, Washington, DC, 2-2:40 p.m.
WPFW (Washington, DC), Pacifica Radio, "We Ourselves," w/Ambrose Lane, June 24, 2002, 10-11 a.m.
C-SPAN 2: June 29, 2002 at 11 p.m. and June 30, 2002 at 8 p.m.: 37-minute broadcast of May 28 book party for The Einstein File, including reading and discussion.
WBAI: "Wake-up Call" w/David Rothenberg and Bernard White, July 1, 2002, 8 a.m.
WBAI: "Democracy Now" w/ Amy Goodman, July 8, 2002 and July 9 at 9 a.m.
WNYC AM: "New York and Company w/Leonard Lopate (repeat), Aug. 2, 2002
C-SPAN 2, Sept. 1, 2002, at 8a.m.and Sept. 14 at 11:25 a.m.: reruns of June 29-30 program.(See above.)
WORT 89.9 FM, Madison, WI, October 22, 2002, 9 a.m., interview with Stan Woodward.
WPBR radio in Palm Beach, FL, November 29, 2002: Review and discussion of The Einstein File on on the "Joe Irwin Radio Hour." Guest reviewer: John Van Dalen, President of the Fine Arts Foundation, Palm Beach.
BUR (Boston's National Public Radio station): "On Point," with Tom Aschbrook, December 13, 2002: Interview and call-in with guest Michael Shara, director of the Museum of Natural History's Einstein exhibition.

Upcoming:: NPR: "Talking History" (sponsored by the Organization of American Historians and syndicated nationally).

3. International Reviews and Articles:
Brazil: Ciencia on-line, May 5, 2002
Brazil, Valor (circulation, 150,000), extensive interview due to be published in coming months.
France: Le Monde, May 19, 2002 (reprint of NYTimes article in English)
Germany: Frankfurter Algameine Zeitung (FAZ), May 24, 2002
Greece: Ta Nea, largest circulation paper in Greece, extensive interview published June 13, 2002
Guatemala: Siglo XXI, May 11, 2002
India: The Hindu, India's National Magazine, June 8-21, 2002, v. 19, issue 12: "To 'Get Einstein,'" by Vijay Prashad
International Herald Tribune, May 9, 2002
Italy: Il Nuovo, June 13, 2002
Korea: KASTN, Korean American Science & Technology News (on-line), June 12, 2002 Widely reprinted in several Korean newspapers. Norway: Pa Tampen: "Hoover vs. Einstein: [publication date not known] Spain: La Republica, May 8, 2002
Turkey: SABAH, May 8, 2002
Turkey: Radikal (Turkey's largest newspaper), an extensive interview June 16, 2002
UK: Financial Times on-line: May 8, 2002
UK: BBC News-on-line ("Campaign Against Einstein Revealed"), June 8, 2002, by Dr. David Whitehouse, science editor.

4. International Broadcasts:
Canada: TV: Interview on "@Discovery.CA", June 17, 2002
Canada: Interview on radio station CKNW in Vancouver, May 9, 2002 (listener-area includes Northwest US)
Canada: Interview on radio station CIUT (Univ.of Toronto) July 22, 2002
(listener-area includes Buffalo, NY)
Canada: Interview on radio station CIUT (Univ.of Toronto) Nov. 4, 2002
(listener-area includes Buffalo, NY)
UK: BBC "Newshour," May 10, 2002
UK: "BBC Today," June 11, 2002

[In re international: Publishing companies in Japan and China have contracted to put out editions of The Einstein File in those two countries. In addition, translation rights have been sold in Spain and Korea and negotiations are currently under way with publishers in Germany and the UK. At least one bookstore in Paris has copies on sale (e-mail: ). Universities in Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany have scheduled public discussions on The Einstein File in November: See Calendar.]

5. On-Line:
MobyLives/Review, May 9, 2002
News &, May 9, 2002, May 9, 2002

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