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Einstein's FBI File
In 23 years, the FBI amassed some 1800 pages of what they called "derogatory information" on Albert Einstein. These pages, more than 95% of the FBI's Einstein File are available to the public here for the first time (the FBI, although they released it to Fred Jerome in 2000) has refused to make it available to anyone else. The Bureau has divided the file into eleven sections, with the final section (10A) consisting of newspaper clippings the Bureau's clippers collected on Einstein. The first ten sections are not divided in any rational system, except that they are somewhat chronological, beginning in 1932, just before Einstein's arrival in America, and ending after Einstein's death in 1955. But even the chronological order of the sections is not consistent, with forward and backward zigs and zags occurring with no advance notice and no clear reason. Also, the sections vary greatly in length, again with no apparent reason. Sections 2-6 comprise something called the Correlation Report. A later, more selective report, consisting of only items which the FBI considered to be significant, called the Summary Report, is contained in Section 8. The Summary Report was written by agent Vincent Murphy (his name remains blacked out in the FBI's file) and based partially on testimony from an FBI Informant named Louis Gibarti who was later disowned by J. Edgar Hoover. More details on this and other aspects of the 1800 page file, are to be found in The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against the World's Most Famous Scientist.

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